Szállítmányozás elmélete és gyakorlata egy termelő vállalatnál

Ligeti, Katalin (2022) Szállítmányozás elmélete és gyakorlata egy termelő vállalatnál. BA/BSc, Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics).

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The main topic of my thesis is freight processes, the possible ways of freight forwarding, their characteristics and their role in the supply chain. I will show the connection of trans-portation to other departments such as warehousing, procurement, production planning and customer service, since without these links the efficient functioning of the supply chain would not be possible. In my thesis I will also present the perceived shortcomings and suggestions on solu-tions how to reduce wrong unloading at customers’ premises, how to simplify the return of pallets, how to save freight costs and empty kilometres by accurately classifying and re-turning pallets, and how to encourage carriers to arrive on time for loading. Freight costs are one of the logistical costs, thus every company aims to reduce them. In this paper, I illustrate that introducing one-way transport has led to a large reduc-tion in empty kilometres, resulting in significant cost savings. In contrast to previous years, the company in focus applies cross-docking for transport to a greater extent, with the ad-vantage that no warehousing is required, carriers do the commissioning on its own premis-es and deliver to the customer with other products. This solution considerably simplified the task of transport operators, as it did not require route planning or reorganising into de-livery tours, and practically all the quantities of delivery were included in one transport. With the remarks and suggestions made in this thesis paper, I tried to highlight how these shortcomings could be reduced. If one of these were achieved, then it obviously made sense to study the practical application of the theory which contributes to the im-provement of the efficiency of the transportation system.

Hungarian Title

Szállítmányozás elmélete és gyakorlata egy termelő vállalatnál

English Title

The Theory and Practice of Freight Forwarding in a Manufacturing Company


University of Sopron


Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics)


LKK - Institute of Business Studies


LKK - Gazdasági logisztikus PG


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Németh, Dr. Nikoletta

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Item Type: Thesis
Depositing User: Katalin Ligeti
Date Deposited: 16 Jun 2022 12:19
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