TDM szervezet kialakításának lehetősége Zalaegerszegen

Horváth Barbara, (2018) TDM szervezet kialakításának lehetősége Zalaegerszegen. Other, Közgazdaságtudományi Kar.

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TDM (tourism destination management) organizations have been operating well in Hungary for years. In many municipalities of the country people think about tourism and act for it in the frame of an organisation. Tourist operators therefore are developing not only on material basis but also in know-how. Learning about the facts, I examined the form and manner of building a TDM organization in Zalaegerszeg. There are organizations working already in the surrounding municipalities, as for example in Héviz and in several municipalities at Lake Balaton. The organizations make it possible for the tourist operators to think together and to desire to want. The cooperation for the common objectives always brings the best possible things and ideas out of the people. For those who would like to make our region a strong tourism destination it is important to see that they cannot realize it without common cooperation. The destination has to be established so as to offer the tourists a complete experience in every field. I approached the topic from theoretical and practical side, and I used as sources the store of learning acquired during my current studies, professional books and development plans. As primary research, I interviewed a tourist expert in the topic examined. Having this learning in proper, I can say that owing to common thinking together and developments Zalaegerszeg has a very good chance of being reckoned as a tourism destination in the future. For me it is a great pleasure to experience the development of the surroundings of Zalaegerszeg as lots of my experiences are linked with the town. I hope and wish the continuity of the tourism of the town for many-many decades.

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TDM szervezet kialakításának lehetősége Zalaegerszegen

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Possibility of building a TDM organisation in Zalaegerszeg


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KTK - Turizmus–vendéglátás felsőoktatási szakképzés (FOKSZ)


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