Középiskolások továbbtanulási szokásainak vizsgálata

Olasz Mária, (2017) Középiskolások továbbtanulási szokásainak vizsgálata. Other, Faculty of Economics.

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The topic of my thesis is the study of further education of high school students, the re-search and analysis of the criteria considered by a school leaver in terms of further educa-tion. My aim is to find out what ideas school leavers have about further education. I am interested what criteria dominate when opting for a higher educational institute. I would also like to know what information they look for and what sources are used the infor-mation to be gained about trainings. In order to get a picture about the customs of school leavers who intend to go on with their studies at a university or a college I needed to carry out a marketing research. The young people questioned were school leavers from 19 regions of Western – Hungarian schools. The survey of mine intended to find answer to the question whether the students wished to go on with their studies in a higher educational institute, what criteria consid-ered when opting for an educational institute and where the required information about the trainings of the institutes is from. All my questions have been answered through my re-search. Most of the school leavers - 936 out of the 1214 asked - would like to go on with their studies. The other 277 students have already gained a profession by this year or have other reasons for finishing their studies. 921 students take the atmosphere of the town in-to consideration when choosing a college or a university. It is quite important for school – leavers how far the school they intend to attend is from their hometown and what chances in the job market they would have after graduation. Most of the students search for uni-versities and their faculties. They check out the list of higher educational institutes. They go through the majors offered by the universities. At this point the outer global view and the opinions about the universities are highly considered. This is followed by higher educa-tion, the calculation of points and the requirements are also looked into.

Hungarian Title

Középiskolások továbbtanulási szokásainak vizsgálata

English Title

Study of further Education customs of high school students


University of West Hungary


Faculty of Economics


Faculty of Economics - Institution for Business Studies


KTK - Kereskedelem és marketing felsőoktatási szakképzés (FOKSZ)


Témavezető nevegrading, academic degree, institutionEmail
Némethné Tömő Zsuzsanna, Dr. egyetemi docensnemethne.tomo.zsuzsanna@uni-sopron.hu

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Item Type: Thesis
Depositing User: Olasz Mária
Date Deposited: 2017. Oct. 19. 10:03
Last Modified: 2020. May. 21. 15:48
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