Az orosz embargó hatása az Európai Unió gazdaságára

Tóth, Zsófia (2016) Az orosz embargó hatása az Európai Unió gazdaságára. MA/MSc, Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics).

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In this paper, I focus on the economic sanctions which have taken place over the past few years. In the world economy sanctions, such as embargoes play a significant role. I chose this topic because over the years many such events have taken place that have affected the whole world. I definitely focus on current events, so I studied the eco-nomic impact of the Russian import embargo. In the first part of my thesis, I tried to give an overall description of trade re-strictions. I presented the historical development of these restrictions. Then, I also listed the types and general characteristics of the trade restrictions. I presented the basic defini-tions related to trade limitations. After that I gave a representative picture of an import embargo. I showed the sample of the relationship between the United States and Iran. I al-so listed the impact of the American embargo on the economy of Iran. In the second part of my paper, I introduced the development of the relationship between the European Un-ion and Russia. I tried to give a general overview about this connection, how it began and developed. Then, I presented the trade relations between the two parties. I listed the most important goods, which are traded. After that, I analysed the impact of both sanctions - the sanction imposed by the EU and sanction imposed by Russia – on the affected econo-mies and economic sectors. I also analysed how the decreased agri-food export to Russia can influence the GDP of the EU and the chosen Member States. In the third part of the thesis, I gave some details about how the EU would like to solve this situation. I introduced the economic impact of the embargo using statistical datas. I found the needed material on the website of the EUROSTAT, the Worldbank and the WTO. The lit-erature concentrate on the EU-Russia relations, since Russia has an international influence, and has a special relationship with EU. I got information from the publications and formal summaries of the EU. I also searched for information about the actual events and process on the Internet.

Hungarian Title

Az orosz embargó hatása az Európai Unió gazdaságára

English Title

The economic impact of Russian embargo on the European Union


University of West Hungary


Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics)


x - ARCHIV Faculty of Economics - Institution for International and Regional Economy (defunct: 06.30.2021.)


LKK - International Economy and Business (MA)


Témavezető neve
grading, academic degree, institution
Czeglédy, Dr. Tamás
egyetemi docens, PhD
Nedelka, Erzsébet

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Item Type: Diploma thesis (MA/MSc)
Depositing User: Zsófia Tóth
Date Deposited: 29 Jun 2016 13:42
Last Modified: 06 Mar 2017 08:47

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