A motiváció szerepe a munkavállalói lojalitás megteremtésében

Szele, Katalin (2016) A motiváció szerepe a munkavállalói lojalitás megteremtésében. MA/MSc, Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics).

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Human resources are an unique resource, because it is the key driving force and the long-term competitiveness, which is one of the most complex part of the motivation. People motivation may be different. It aims to make employees more effectively do their job. An organization's life is not outstanding performance without the motivation is essential, as appropriate motivation. The motivation is a driving task. The driver is designed to create that motivated people standing winning team that will do everything they can to implement the objectives of the company. A leader's success determines how people can encourage improved per-formance. To do this, they help serve as a motivational theories. My dissertation is a colorful addition to studying the theory of today's modern investigations that can change the thinking evolved managers motivation. The presented middle sized food company also strives to be the best skilled professionals to be employed continuously develop and maintain competitiveness. It based on survey research conducted at the company that are important to monetary benefits for workers. The financial incentives are too many non-material incentive element exists, which is extremely important. The company is worth more and more attention paid to maintaining the valuable work force. The development of the company's perspective could be highlighted importance of professional training. The training is a motivating force, the quality of work performed is increasing, contributing to the development of the workers.

Hungarian Title

A motiváció szerepe a munkavállalói lojalitás megteremtésében

English Title

The role of motivation creating employee loyalty


University of West Hungary


Alexandre Lamfalussy Faculty of Economics (formerly Faculty of Economics)


x - ARCHIV Faculty of Economics - Institution for Business Studies (defunct: 06.30.2021.)


LKK - Management and Leadership (MA)


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grading, academic degree, institution
Kópházi, Dr. Andrea
Egyetemi docens, Ph.D

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Item Type: Diploma thesis (MA/MSc)
Depositing User: Katalin Szele
Date Deposited: 14 Jul 2016 10:24
Last Modified: 14 Jul 2016 10:24
URI: http://diploma.uni-sopron.hu/id/eprint/1535

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