Java alapú szinkronizáló modul fejlesztése egy autókereskedés számára

Valente Alex Vilmos, (2015) Java alapú szinkronizáló modul fejlesztése egy autókereskedés számára. BA/BSc, Simonyi Károly Műszaki, Faanyagtudományi és Művészeti Kar.

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This application is a Java based synchronization software. It can used to synchronize Java object between two computers. In this case, the program read data from MySQL database, create Java objects, sent to the other machine then the other machine can work with the data, update it for its own database so it will see the same data as it is in the master date on the server. In this scenario, this program synchronizes data for a car shop. It is a theoretical case. It can fit in any similar company solution. The program communicates over TCP and must be used on local network or VPN network if the server doesn’t have dedicated IP on the internet. This is also preferred because the application doesn’t support sophisticated authentication and authorization protocol. Only just send the data through a socket channel. The only authentication from the client is when it sends the first message. There will be the username in that message. But this is mainly for logging purpose, to know whom and when tried to do the synchronization. About the technological part: I used JPA in the Java side database handling, it makes possible to use complex Java object both to get data from database or save data. I also used some Apache common libraries for data validation and to read configuration from configuration file. The program has a small user interface where the user can select and synchronize objects. For the view I created a php page. This is a simple page just to make the data visible. To run this php page I used WAMP server.

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Java alapú szinkronizáló modul fejlesztése egy autókereskedés számára

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Java based synchronization tool development for a car shop


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Simonyi Károly Műszaki, Faanyagtudományi és Művészeti Kar


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